Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Prof's 100 HOTTEST WOMEN OF ALL TIME! (Part 1)

Am I going to let MEN'S HEALTH Magazine tell me who the "100 Hottest Women of All Time" are?  No way in Hell.  I'm not saying Jennifer Aniston doesn't rank, but is she truly the "Hottest Woman of All Time"?

Personally, I disagreed with quite a few of the rankings from the magazine.  I suspect that my view of who is and isn't "hot" is slightly off the regular path for those short-sighted lemmings that compiled that list.  Here is my own personal list of the "100 HOTTEST WOMEN OF ALL TIME"...and I simply rank them alphabetically because to rank them by degrees of hotness would just be offensive and sexist!

Today, I present the FIRST 50 and tomorrow (if all goes well) I will present the SECOND 50 and I will also present the true choice of who is actually "the" hottest of all time. 
Hint #1:  It ain't Jennifer Aniston.

Without further ado...


Stay tuned for the next 50 and my pick for the "Hottest of All Time". 

Hint #2:  There are 2 of them (1 in each group of 50).

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