Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Prof's 100 HOTTEST WOMEN OF ALL TIME! (Part 2)


My wife was offended yesterday when I shared the FIRST 50 of my own personal "100 HOTTEST WOMEN OF ALL TIME" and I got past the "H's" without mentioning her.  As I fumbled around trying my best to explain...this is a list of CELEBRITIES!!!!  I don't think she bought it, but that's the best I can do on short notice. :)

So, moving, I present the SECOND 50 and after that, I will reveal the true choice of who is actually "the" hottest "Celebrity" woman of all time.

You see, the thing about "hot" versus "beauty" is that "beauty" is an "objective" standard and "hot" is a "subjective" standard that transcends beauty.  I can recognize someone as objectively "beautiful" but she may do absolutely nothing for me beyond that intellectual recognition.  But every now and then, and I believe it is a combination of their natural beauty combined with a charisma, air of intelligence, confidence, and something indefinable in their eyes, I find myself drawn to that person as a performer, artist, musician, or whatever in a way that I can only classify her as "hot."  She has something that makes her stand out from those who are otherwise her equal.

That's what I'm having a bit of fun with here in listing those throughout my lifetime that have stirred that feeling in me, and quite a few of them are women who never show up in polls like these.


And there you go.  I think these are the TOP 100 HOTTEST WOMEN OF ALL TIME and after some careful deliberation in which Naomi Watts and Charlize Theron battled it out with Raquel Welch and Ava Gardner for the top spot.  Jennifer Aniston is "hot", but she's not even in the ballpark with these four.  When it came down to it, I couldn't just choose one so I chose AVA GARDNER and RAQUEL WELCH as the HOTTEST WOMAN OF ALL TIME because they both are so different but so evenly matched in their timeless appeal.  Since I don't have to make a "Sophie's Choice" here because there aren't any Nazis holding a gun to my head, I'm just going to recognize them both as undisputably "Hotter" than any other women in my lifetime (so far).


ava gardner

raquel welch

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  1. +1 for Jan Smithers instead of Loni Anderson!


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