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If you are attending PULPFEST/FARMERCON this year (Aug 3-6, 2023) in Pittsburgh, I will have on hand this extremely limited run of only 10 Giclée 12" x 18" prints of my "Monstrous—Savage—Wild" work—hand-drawn and digitally colored.  This is me artistically honoring the 90th Anniversary of  Doc Savage with a "3 Docs" imagery inspired by Doc's  mythology as well as certain pastiches found in works within the Wold Newton mythology begun by Philip José Farmer.
Giclée prints are currently the most sophisticated method of print production on earth—extremely high-quality archival printing made with the finest materials and printed with the best inks available. 
Each print will be signed and numbered and priced at $100.
These are the only physical versions of this piece and once they are gone they are gone.

Any that don't sell at PULPFEST/FARMERCON, I will make available directly through my Facebook page or by email at Also, if you are planning to attend the Con and want to private message me to reserve one for you, I'm happy to do so. First-come first-serve. 
Also debuting at PULPFEST/FARMERCON this year is a special Deluxe Limited 50th Anniversary edition of Philip José Farmer's DOC SAVAGE: HIS APOCALYPTIC LIFE.  

I designed 2 different cover for foil-stamping and Meteor House ran a poll for which one to use and the vote was effectively 50/50 so . . . they decided to do this limited run with half the print run featuring the Hidalgo Mayan Temple graphic and the other half featuring a profile of classic Doc.

The back cover features a gold foil stamp of a dirigible mooring to the Empire State Building where Doc's headquarters take up the top floor.  

I also designed the interior limiting page that will feature the other cover design so that all copies will have one for the cover and the other for the interior.
The endpapers are designed with a bronze marbling image background and the Doc Savage Coat of Arms that I designed a number of years ago with Win Scott Ecker based on  Philip José Farmer's notes.

Next, I want to share the work I did for Meteor House's new editions of  Philip José Farmer's JESUS ON MARS.  The limited collector's hardcover edition sports a wraparound cover and the paperback a different piece for its cover.  I also wrote an afterword for this edition, Mars landscape endpaper design, an interior illustration, and one more drawing for the signature page inside the hardcover. 

You can learn more about this book by watching my unboxing video on YouTube.

This is a series of classic movie monster portraits done for an art patron who now owns all the originals.  These were all done by hand using a 2-color scheme with colored pencils.  I am considering using these for a postcard set, but I'm not convinced yet that it's a worthy project to invest in.  If it happens, I'm sure I will time it around a Halloween timeframe.
This OFFICIALLY LICENSED T-Shirt is a cover design for an imaginary comic book based on the late Chris Farley's MATT FOLEY: MOTIVATION MAN.

CLASSICALLY MONSTROUS! Featuring four 2-color monster portraits.

ELECTRI-FRIGHTENING! Featuring the Bride of Frankenstein in a 2-color portrait.

IT'S MONSTER SURFING TIME! Inspired by the 1964 novelty song.

What can I say? I like to play with gender-swap designs sometimes and this Christman design imagines what the Rankin-Bass Miser Brothers might look like if they were Sisters instead.


Over the last year or so, I created 3 different pin-ups for the BIG BANG ADVENTURES comic.  So far, my KNIGHT WATCHMAN FAMILY pin-up appeared in issue #17 and ROBO-HOOD in issue #22.  The OBLONG TABLE OF AMERICA has not been printed yet.  

Fun Notes:
• "Brimstone" the magical dragon sidekick for Knight Watchmen (which you can see in the pin-up) was designed by me and named by artist-extraordinaire Rick Lundeen!
• The "Oblong Table of America" and all the character pun names and designs were created by me drawing spiritual inspiration from Roy Thomas & Scott Shaw!'s CAPTAIN CARROT AND HIS AMAZING ZOO CREW comic book.

This is a DEBBIE HARRY portrait I did with charcoal pencil on stipple paper. I found a separate photo shoot from the 1970s and used that as reference for her body image I imposed onto her sunglasses lens.

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