Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Call for Help from Comics Fans (Yes YOU can help a Moose!)

It's a refrain that is becoming way too familiar in this country right now.  I am talking about the disastrous healthcare and health insurance system as it stands right now.  Particularly within the Comics' industry where the vast majority of writers and artists build their careers on relatively low-paying work with no feasible options for affordable health or life insurance, much less retirement.  So, when the work starts to dry up and a medical emergency hits, there are few options available to these people.

I got to meet fan-favorite award-winning comic book colorist William "Moose" Baumann on the weekend of my 39th birthday at the Wizard World in Dallas.  He was there with Ethan Van Sciver and the two of them had an exclusive Green Lantern print that was my birthday present to myself. :)  Easily one of the best colorists working in comics today.

Moose has for a number of years been supporting his wife through a courageous cancer battle.  Medical bills have racked up to extraordinary amounts and I would describe their financial situation as one that has reached a dire point.  Moose is the type who would be reluctant to come right out and ask for help, but he has set up a web page where he is offering gorgeous 13x19 prints featuring his beautiful handiwork.

He is only asking $20 per print (includes shipping worldwide) and every penny goes to this important cause.

I would like anyone who reads this to check out the prints and order at least one of them.  I ordered the fantastic SPIRIT/DOC SAVAGE print by Neal Adams with Moose on colors (it was published as a variant cover for the FIRST WAVE series last year).

Also, if you would please repost and spread the word across the web-o-sphere, I think we can all make a difference in a real and practical way.

All my prayers and best wishes to Moose and his family.

You can view all the prints HERE and then PayPal $20 to Moose's email:

Remember, you can always
donate money year-round to
help Comic Book Veterans
who face emergency medical
aid and other essentials.

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