Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Ka-Boom Family (Sneak Peek Sketch)

With DC Comics' recent announcement that Capt. Marvel & the Marvel Family are no more; instead they are establishing a entirely new incarnations of these classic characters, I've gotten the bug to revisit my own original concept, Capt. Ka-Boom and the Ka-Boom Family.  Above is a new pencil drawing of the basic costume designs.  Once I have had the time to layer in the colors and finish it out, I will write up a more in-depth piece detailing the characters and concept.

For now, just know that while they are not at all parodies or direct homages to the Marvel Family characters, the Ka-Boom Family is a super-hero concept that is intended to embody the playful spirit and tone that once was exemplified in the Marvel Family comics originally published by Fawcett.

So, here's a bit of a teaser for you

Who knows.  Maybe I'll get inspired to actually do more with these characters than just design their look and develop the concept.

*Captain Ka-Boom, Kassie Ka-Boom, Kid Ka-Boom, Chimp Ka-Boom, Ka-Boom Family characters TM and © Keith Howell

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