Tuesday, April 3, 2012

For Those Naysayers Who Thought my FRIEDRICH v. MARVEL Analysis Was Off-Base

Sure didn't take long at all for the FRIEDRICH V. MARVEL ruling to start impacting Comic Convention art.

We have received word that artists that booked an artist alley table for BotCon 
Botcon20122012 are now being told that any fan art that may infringe on Hasbro's intellectual property or trademarks can not be sold at BotCon. This does not affect licensees or Hasbro contractors...
The wording from the BotCon brochure advertised "that you can get single tables to show-and-sell your custom Transformers art for $200", but it would appear that Hasbro has reversed this now resulting in more table cancellations at the Texas convention scheduled for later this month.

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