Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quick Review of STEVE ROGERS: SUPER-SOLDIER for Aintitcool

In a natural evolution from STEVE ROGERS: CAPTAIN AMERICA (which is what the CAP series by Bru was called up until Bucky-Cap took over), we now begin STEVE ROGERS: SUPER-SOLDIER. Bru has established Bucky as Cap and whattayouknow? Everybody kinda likes him. So...the logical next step in the saga of Steve Rogers is figure out a way to utilize him as “former” Capt. America. And Marvel has thrown their weight of support behind the idea and Steve is now a presence all over the Marvel U. And now he is featured in his own solo book – a series that should be read and enjoyed by anyone who considers themselves of fan of Capt. America. Steve is the ultimate American espionage agent for the modern age and this first issue featuring him in his new role is tied directly into his origin story from the Golden Age. This is a smart and taut action comic book with a character that is in the midst of his own definitive storytelling period. Brubaker has taken an icon and made him a character to care about and to be interested in. Solid art by Eaglesham, an attractive cover, and a reprint of Cap's very first appearance (thankfully with no obvious p.c. tinkering; i.e., Steve is even shown smoking a pipe in one panel) make this a solid jumping on point for anyone looking for a good monthly fix of espionage, thrills, and character.


First "real" pic from THOR film

Classic shot with Thor and Loki flanking Odin. I am so pleased to be seeing the Kirby-esque flourishes in the costuming design. I can't wait to see Asgard and all the rest of the Kirby imagery translated to the big screen. This kind of stuff makes me feel like a kid again.


Upcoming blog? I think I'm going to ramble on about how I even got into this comic-reviewing gig in the first place. It's an odd pathway, I think, that includes my first forays into the iNterWebz, getting banned for life, trying to create my own forum, and ticking off and being cussed at by a famous artist and notorious web bully. :)

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