Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Three Things in Life You Can Always Count On...

This Hap Pitkin editorial cartoon has been making the rounds recently and makes a pretty good point about how politicians (at this time in history -- Republicans) fixate on the little drips and dribbles that polarize the voters rather than tackling the substantive problems.  The finger in the dike metaphor is oft-used by  satirists and cartoonists for these types of situations.  Pitkin's cartoon reminded me of my own editorial cartoon drawn up back in the middle of the "W" administration.  In this case, I'm satirizing the incessant need of political bureaucracy to avoid taking the obvious steps to fix a problem and instead fixate on dragging out the process of coming to consensus.  My issue was the immigration issue.  Rather than draw the dike with holes, I used the metaphor of leaving the water running and skipping the obvious step of first turning off the water.

There are three things in life you can always count on:  Death, Taxes, and Politicians avoiding reality. It never changes.

*disregard the email addy at the bottom of the cartoon because it doesn't exist anymore.


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