Thursday, October 13, 2011

C-O-E-X-I-S-T Comic Book Style!

to Order Your Very Own from my CafePress store for $3.99 or 10 for $29.99
A great treat for you to give to your most special Trick-Or-Treaters this year!

Tired of the usual stuff. Sick of the pomposity of the various "COEXIST" Bumper Stickers.

Show the world where the harshest conflicts are fought -- the world of Comic Book Geek-dom. Are you a Marvel zombie? A DC guy? How about a Charlton nut?

Tell the world that it's time for everyone to just get along. 

My COEXIST bumper stickers are perfect for expressing yourself while cruising down the highway or just for posting on the wall, your neighbor's dog, or even you toilet.

  • Measures 10" x 3" 
  • Printed on 4mil vinyl using water and UV resistant inks - means no fading in the sun or bleeding in the rain. So take THAT faded "Darwin Fish" people!!!


  1. Btw, the symbols are for CAPT. CARROT, DR. MANHATTEN, E-MAN, X-MEN, SPIDER-MAN, SUPERMAN (original chest symbol), and THOR.

  2. Green is the color because there was some anecdotal observation that covers with green sold more back in the Silver Age. And the Go-Go Checks at the top are a nod to DC Comics in the late 60s.


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