Tuesday, June 14, 2011

THOUGHTS ON DC REBOOT PART 3b (of 3): It Costs WHAT?????

Okay.  Just one more thing about the DC Reboot.  A friend of mine scanned these in and brought them to my attention.  These are from AMAZING HEROES #14 and list every DC Comic that came out in September 1982.  First, go back and look at Part 3 where I went through the list of all 52 comics that DC is dumping onto the marketplace, then take a look at the 1982 listing of a mere 33 comics. 



 In 1982, I bought every single DC Comic on that list except for that month's issues of SGT. ROCK and WONDER WOMAN.  I was, of course, buying them through a mail-order company called The Mint Delivery System in New York City who was giving me a 40% price-break by ordering a month at a time.  However, had I bought all 33 issues at cover price, I would have bought 29 comics @ 60¢, 2 comics @ $1.25, and 2 comics @ $1.00 for a grand total in September 1982 of ...


In September 2011, if I were inclined to buy every single DC Comic on the stands (all 52 First Issues), it would be 48 comics for $2.99 (which I will round to $3.00) and 4 comics for $3.99 (which I will round to $4.00).  Which brings us to a grand total of...


All I can say is THAT is friggin' insane! 

Good luck with that, DC.  I think that type of blitzkrieg style of publishing is either the most foolhardy move I've ever seen OR it is a purposeful move to force the transition into digital and other media consumption and transition quickly out of physical publication at all.  These are just comic books and 52 titles at those hyper-inflated prices is totally ridonkulous.

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