Thursday, February 3, 2011

Clark "Superman" Kent and his "Amazing 5" *SKETCH IN PROGRESS*

For no other reason than that the idea came to me while driving home from work the other night, I decided to "re-imagine" Superman and his supporting cast as if they were essentially "Doc Savage and His Amazing 5."
It's just in pencil sketch form right now, but my plan is to ink it and lay in color and do a Superman logo made to look like the "Doc Savage" logo.  As I was thinking through the concept, the idea came to me that this would be Superman, with his flight, super-strength, heat vision, etc., but less god-like in strength and invulnerability.  Stronger than Doc, but more like the level of strength he had back in the early days of ACTION COMICS.  When it all came together in my mind was when I realized that his supporting cast all come with built-in nicknames (like Doc's Amazing 5) already from the comic books.
The characters are:
Clark "Superman" Kent
Steve "The Slinger" Lombard
Jimmy "Mr. Action" Olsen
Perry "Chief" White
Lois "Scoop" Lane
Linda "Supergirl" Lee
This is totally for fun and just to feed my artistic "ear worm."  I hope anybody who stumbles across it enjoys it, and soon I hope to unveil the finished product.

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